Typhoon Judy


Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

created by Darrin Hagen and Christopher Peterson

August 2015

Garneau Theatre, Edmonton AB.

As Typhoon Viola swirls around Hong Kong, Judy Garland lies comatose in a hospital, the victim of a storm of her own making. As she drifts towards the light, “Typhoon Judy” enters a desolate rehearsal hall with a lone piano player and begins to tell tales of her life with comedy, anecdotes and of course, song. Typhoon Judy is inspired by true events, and stars world-renowned female impersonator Christopher Peterson. This is the concert Judy never got to perform; the performance that brought her back to life.

Starring: Christopher Peterson

Director: Darrin Hagen

Musical Arrangements by: Jim Rice

Costume & Prop Designer: Christopher Peterson

Sound Designer: Darrin Hagen

Stage Manager: Neon

“Mr. Peterson is a consummate actor

and artist  who amazes his audience by channeling Judy Garland.” (BroadwayWorld)

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